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Resources in Pineville, NC

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Resources in Pineville, NC

resources in Pineville NC

Welcome to Pineville, the southernmost town in Mecklenburg County. This big small town offers residents the proximity and resources of a city while maintaining its small town, southern charm.

As primary care physicians in Pineville, NC, Carolina Medical Associates proudly offers high-quality, personalized medical care. We love our community. We are committed to helping patients get to know the area and make use of its many attractions, services, and resources.

Read on for a list of resources in Pineville, NC.

Life in Pineville

Location and Climate

Pineville only covers an area of 6.62 square miles. The town’s physical growth is prevented from expansion due to its location next to the highway. At the time of the 2010 census, Pineville had 7,479 residents.

Pineville, like much of North Carolina, has a sub-tropical climate. Winters are mild and summers are humid. Residents can experience all four seasons as temperatures vary from 34-89°F throughout the year. 

Historical Resources

Pineville’s history has roots in the Charlotte gold rush. Its location near Charlotte provided access to resources and growth. The textile and railroad industries brought more people into North Carolina. 

The town’s main claim to fame is as the birthplace of James K. Polk, the 11th US President. His home is no longer standing. A historic site has been created using another cabin from the same time period.

The James K. Polk site houses two reconstructed log cabins with period antiques. There are also nature trails, tours, and a museum with exhibits for visitors to explore. The site is temporarily closed but will soon be reopening and following the recommended guidelines for masks and social distancing.

Resources and Services in Pineville, NC

Educational Resources

Check out the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system. The library has locations across the greater Charlotte area. Items can be checked out and returned from any of the locations. Residents have access to an abundance of educational resources and books. 

Although the library’s normal activities have been modified due to Covid-19. Residents of all ages can still participate in online activities and events and can reserve books for grab and go pickup. 

Pineville is home to great public schools

During these confusing times, the school district is not only providing quality education, but also meal bundles for children. Meal bundles include 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches. The meals are available for all full-time remote learners since in-person students are getting their meals at school. In addition, meal bundles are free to eligible children under 18, even those who are not students. 

Family Resources and Services

The Belle Johnston Community Center houses a gym, summer camps, art classes, fitness classes, and activities for preschoolers to seniors. Pineville residents can use the gym for free. The community center is open with social distancing and masks in place.

Sports and recreational activities are available for local youth through the Pineville Community Athletic Association and Hope Soccer Ministries. Soccer has been canceled for 2021, but registration is open for baseball and softball.

Child & Family Development offers diagnostic and therapeutic services to families in the greater Charlotte area. Children with developmental delays have access to quality services to maximize their potential. Services include occupational and physical therapy, educational services, speech and language development, psychological services, and therapy for autism. Child & Family Development remains open.

Parks and Natural Resources

Get out and get some fresh air at one of Pineville’s six parks. The town’s parks include playgrounds, the community center, and a dog park so your pet can run as well. Check out the splash pad to escape the heat on those humid summer days.

Shopping and Dining

Pineville is home to Carolina Place for all of your shopping needs. This shopping mall houses department stores, familiar stores, and unique shops. Over 100 stores and dining options can be found in one convenient location. 

Restaurants and dining options are available throughout the town. From standard chain restaurants to local, unique eateries, residents can enjoy a variety of tastes from around the world. 

Events and Attractions

Pineville is full of events and attractions for individuals or families. From scavenger hunts and game nights to senior citizen events, there are activities for the whole town. Check out the calendar of events for an updated schedule. Upcoming events are being planned but may include modifications.

Visit Carolina Tabletop Games or Dave & Busters to unwind with board or arcade games. See if you have what it takes to solve riddles and puzzles at Breakout Games

Can you make it out in time?

The Best Medical Care in Pineville

Access to great medical care is another important feature in Pineville.

Carolina Medical Associates

Healthcare resources can be found at Carolina Medical Associates. As a team of primary care physicians in Pineville, NC, we offer medical and spa services. From routine physicals to continuing care for chronic concerns, our team is available to meet your needs.

To schedule an appointment, contact Carolina Medical Associates today!

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