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Carolina Medical Associates was formed in 1980 to provide the best possible healthcare to our community with a personal touch. A continual relationship with our patients allows our physicians to care for the physical as well as emotional needs of each patient. Our dedicated staff is available to handle your questions or concerns.


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direct primary care in Pineville NC

Direct Primary Care in Pineville

Carolina Medical Associates offers direct primary care in Pineville, NC. Direct Primary Care is an alternative payment model in which patients pay a flat, affordable membership fee for medical services. Our direct primary care program allows us to offer substantial cost savings while establishing long-lasting relationships with our patients.

Carolina Medical Associates

Direct Primary Care (DPC) Contract

Carolina Medical Associates is proud to offer Direct Primary Care (DPC) to our patients with large, out of pocket medical expenses or those without insurance coverage. DPC is an increasingly popular model that allows substantial cost savings and offers a long-lasting relationship with your primary care provider. This is an alternative payment option with a flat, affordable membership fee. There is no third-party billing or charges involved, no hidden fees, or complex invoices. Included in your membership: 1 Yearly annual physical exam which includes basic laboratory services, routine gynecological exam with pap smear, EKG and chest x-ray. Extended routine/sick visits with your primary care provider, telecommunication visits via video, phone call, or email, discounted ab and imaging services.

Direct Primary Care Monthly Membership fee:

$70 (18-45 years old)

$80 (46-65 years old)

$90 (66+ years old)

10% discount if paid in full for an annual membership


Some exclusions may apply such as, worker’s compensation cases, motor vehicle accident cases, and legal cases. The providers at Carolina Medical Associates hold the right to terminate any DPC contract at any time. As in such, Should a patient need to withdraw from the DPC program, a 50% refund will be issued if there has been participation less than 6 months. No refund will be given after 6 months of participation.

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As family doctors in Pineville, NC, our goal is to provide the highest quality medical care possible, in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.

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Direct Primary Care Faq's

For more information about direct primary care (DPC), please review our frequently asked questions. Contact us for additional information on our program, fees, and services. We would be happy to answer your questions.

What is a direct primary care doctor?

Direct primary care is a membership-based model for medical care. A physician who offers DPC cuts out the middleman. This model of medical care involves a financial agreement between the patient and doctor where a set fee is paid. That membership fee then covers specific services and provides discounts on additional services. There is no need to worry about third-party billing or charges.

What is a direct primary care plan? What does it cover?

Membership with DPC involves a flat, affordable fee. The plan covers 1 yearly annual physical exam with basic laboratory services, a routine gynecological exam with pap smear, EKG, a chest x-ray, and extended visits with your primary care provider. It also includes telecommunication visits via video, phone, or email. Patients receive discounts on lab and imaging services.

How much is direct primary care?

Our membership fee is a flat, affordable rate for medical care. There are no hidden fees or complex invoices so you are aware of all costs ahead of time. Please contact our office for membership plans and fees.

Will I have to pay a fee for office visits?

Your membership plan covers office visits. An additional copay is not needed. However, if you need lab work or imaging services, discounted fees may apply.

How do I get medications with direct primary care?

Medications are not covered within your membership fee. However, we will help you find the best medications as affordably as possible.

What is the difference between concierge medicine and direct primary care?

DPC and concierge medicine are both alternative payment plans for medical care. These plans involve a flat membership fee that covers specific services. 


Concierge medicine tends to have a higher annual membership fee. Contracts and fees are usually yearly. Concierge doctors may work with insurance companies.

With DPC, membership plans are more affordable and often may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Direct primary care plans cover more office visits. However, plans and services do not involve insurance coverage. Please contact our office for additional information on our fees and services.

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